“Like a pianist who can play with his eyes shut; he understands the basic nature of structures so well that he can afford to think in the darkness about what might be possible beyond the obvious” 

— Peter Rice about Renzo Piano

AG5 develops projects pursuing contemporary architectural space which are direct outcomes and expressions of the needs of each project, systematically analysed, understood and logically responded to.

AG5 operates between the scientific fields of building technology and the artistic disciplines of place and culture. By maintaining a consistent approach throughout the design process, from conception to construction, we deliver a unique design response to a project's location and purpose.

  • We are an architectural practice that operates between the fields of art, architecture and design.
  • We seek inspiration from nature’s solutions in creating projects that integrate energy design and imbue material and space with identity, to create simple and sustainable solutions.
  • We employ BIM (Building Information Modeling) at expert level to ensure quality and precision in our work.
  • We collaborate with a diverse range of clients, from private, to institutional and governmental in Denmark and internationally.