“I believe in frank architecture. A building is a struggle, not a miracle, and the architect should acknowledge this.” 

 — Louis Kahn

2014         Asia Pacific Property Award - Gran Rubina

2012         First Prize, Kildevæld school extension

2012         First Prize, Copenhagen Council Job Centres
                 – interior design, graphics and way-finding

2012         First Prize, nEat Restaurant, Copenhagen airport

2010         First Prize, BE Inspired Award, Innovation in government
                 – on the fly 3D city and urban modelling

2010         First Prize, Ballerup psychiatric centre

2010         First Prize, Hvidovre town hall renovation and interior

2009         First Prize, Nørrebrohallen sports and cultural centre

2009         Red Dot Design Award winner, KBH Madhus
                 (with Punktum Design, Søren Varming)

2008         BE Award of Excellence, Innovation in commercial or residential
                 building, Nørrebro Bryghus bar