“You can’t achieve a competitive differentiation through things you do ‘reasonably well, most of the time’.” 

— David Maister

AG5 is a limited company founded by 3 Partners; Marc Wilson, Martin Løkkegaard and Brian Sheldon. Currently the office is owned and operated by Martin Løkkegaard and Brian Sheldon.

Martin Løkkegaard is responsible for daily management, contracts and construction.

Brian Sheldon is responsible for BIM and IT management.

Company registration no.  
33 590 385

AG5 is a member of the Danish Association of Architectural Practices (Danske Ark) and holds positions in Sustainability, Internationalisation, og IT/BIM committees.

Personal liability DKK 12,500,000.00, Damage liability DKK 5,000,000.00 with TRYG. Policy no.:  670 4.532.164.010

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