The Ole Lynggaard jewellery store at Copenhagen...
The Ole Lynggaard jewellery store at Copenhagen...
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Ole Lynggaard, Copenhagen airport

Project Description: 

The Ole Lynggaard jewellery store at Copenhagen airport was designed in close collaboration with the client in order to achieve the desired feeling of intimacy.

In contrast to the other airport stores that tend to be highly illuminated, this design seeks to create a safe haven where customers are invited to inspect and discover pieces – much like an art gallery. Making use of the 6m high space the design uses vertical elements in the form of timber panelling, curtains, illuminated pictures, art and lighting to draw ones attention to the small delicate jewellery items in their glass display cases.  

The large illuminated picture catches the attention of passers-by and draws them into the store. Customer’s response has been overwhelming with many enjoying the tranquillity of the space where the jewellery pieces are in focus through specific lighting solutions.


Status: Completed


Client: Ole Lynggaard


Architect: AG5


Address: Copenhagen Airport, CPH


Year: 2008