Pret A Manger opening at Copenhagen Airport
9th February, 2018
Pret a Manger has together with HMSHost International successfully opened 2 new shops at the Copenhagen airport to the delight of new and existing customers. Pret is well-known in the UK and globally for its fresh, handmade natural food and organic coffee. The 2 new shops are the first of their kind in Scandinavia. The new shops include a full size 319 m2 shop in terminal 2, complete with kitchen and seating area, and a 40m2 kiosk in terminal 3. AG5 together with Rambøll (engineers) and Jakon (main building contractor) worked in close collaboration with Pret a Manger and HMSHost to realize both units. A third shop and kitchen unit will be opening this summer at Copenhagen Airport. 
New AG5 office
4th February, 2018
AG5 has had a well-functioning shared office with Thing Brandt Landskab at Ryesgade 23 in Nørrebro since 2010. As a result of major construction projects in Ryesgade, our office has moved to new premises in Adelgade 15. AG5 was responsible for the renovation of the 4th floor in existing office building in the center of Copenhagen. The building, which is designed by architect Venn Eske Kristensen, is ideal for an architectural office. Large and regular placed windows mean that the room has good natural  light exposure from the east and west. The good daylight conditions are supported by a new lighting system with kelvin change, which compliments the color and amount of daylight. Acoustically, the 400 m2 room is regulated with Soft Cell ceiling elements mounted in rafts on the underside of the concrete deck.
Allerød Music School
4th February, 2018
Allerød Music School has been renovated and expanded over the last year. Now the project has been completed with a concert hall, which AG5 and Klaus Nielsen Consulting Engineers designed and Skou Gruppen has built in Total contract. The new concert hall has a gross area of 221.5 m2 + supporting areas of 69.5 m2, for a total of 291 m2. 
15th August, 2017
Together with Q8, F24, Snøhetta, Søren Jensen Engineers and Vision +, AG5 has participated in a competition offered by the Danish Road Directorate regarding service stations and automated fuel stations for new motorways in Jutland and Zealand. In June, it was announced that Q8 and the advisory team have won the competition for the construction of 2 service stations and 5 automated stations. All 7 projects will be completed in 2018. 
Renovation of Strandgade 56, Copenhagen
28th November, 2016
AG5 was commissioned by Wilders Plads Ejendomme to design comprehensive renovations to a historic three-story commercial property on Christianshavn – a picturesque, maritime neighborhood in central Copenhagen.  Interior works were tailored to suit the anchor tenant, an international patent bureau with 50 employees.  The firm's staff of patent attorneys require, due to the confidential nature of their work, separate and individual office spaces. Working within this conventional idiom, AG5 was able to provide privacy for each employee while creating inspirational, bright, and open spaces promoting social interaction.  This goal was achieved primarily through opening the floor plate at the central juxaposition of two perpendicular office wings, creating inviting, flexible lounge spaces for both guests and employees at each level.  At the penthouse level, flexible meeting spaces were configured with vaulted ceilings into the steep roof structure, providing a sense of spatial surprise and openness along with stunning views over the surrounding city.
Nivåhøj tower and slide
9th November, 2016
AG5 has designed a tower with slide and pergola for the common area at VIBO housing in Nivå. The project is made in cooperation with Thing and Brandt landscape and with lighting design by Steensen and Varming engineers.The tower has a total of 3 slides with varying heights to accomodate children of all ages. The climb to the top of the tower is an experience of open and closed spaces. Careful consideration was taken to insure privacy of the adjacent neighbors with respect to views into residential units. At the same time, views from the tower are directed to optimize the unique nature of the area.
Fredensborg City Hall
19th September, 2016
Under the CEICAD initiative, AG5 has completed an energy renovation of the facades at Fredensborg City Hall. The project encompasses the south facing façade of the building, where the large cafeteria windows were replaced and external solar shading installed. The new windows are mounted in the undulating façade, and will allow a larger degree of natural ventilation. The new glass façade use external horizontal blinds to optimise indoor climate. The renovation will be used as a template for future renovations of City Hall's facade.
Vækstfonden, Helleruphus
18th April, 2016
In response to the growth needs of Vækstfonden, more office space was required at the property "Helleruphus". The solution was to repurpose an unheated attic space into office area. The new space consists of 1000 m2 office area connected to the existing offices on the fourth floor via a new grand staircase, and elevator. The project was made in conjunction with Vækstfonden and its architectural consultant 3X, building owner DADES and property managers DATEA. The new offices have access to roof terraces with views of the ocean sound and the area around Hellerup Harbour. EK Entreprise A / S was the turnkey contractor. 
Psykiatrifonden (Psychiatric Foundation)
7th March, 2016
Psykiatrifondens headquarters on Hejrevej in Copenhagen was in need of a modern conference center and a thorough restoration. In 2015, Building owner Danica Pension/Properties appointed AG5 and DATEA to work in close collaboration with the Psychiatric Foundation to design the project totaling 1,930 m2. The new conference center has meeting and conference rooms in various sizes, while mobile walls make it possible to create one large conference room for over 150 people.