16th June, 2014
AG5 has launched a booklet titled; "Re-think, transforming spaces" which describes how we work with existing buildings and the workplace. The book examines 12 cases where spaces, atmosphere, materials, and energy use of existing buildings are renewed for the benefit of users and workplace productivity. A limited number of copies of the book are available free of charge by contacting us at
CEICAD Framework contract
15th May, 2014
AG5 has been awarded, together with Søren Jensen engineers (main consultant), Viegand & Maagøe, henrik-innovation and Hvenegaard, a CEICAD 4 year framework contract with the Capital Region of Denmark for energy optimisation of their buildings. The Capital Region of Denmark has on behalf of 11 city councils (Albertslund, Fredensborg, Frederikssund, Gentofte, Gladsaxe, Gribskov, Hørsholm, Ishøj, Copenhagen, Lyngby-Taarbæk and Rudersdal) applied for and received funding from the European Investment Bank (EIB) for 15.8 million DKK to energy retrofit buildings in the region and councils for 460 million DKK.
International Property Awards 2014-15
8th May, 2014
AG5 and PDW receive today the prestigious architecture award “International Property Awards 2014-15” in the Asia Pacific region for the first stage of a sustainable office complex in the Indonesian metropolis, Jakarta. "We are proud to have received the award and it is an important recognition for us as a practice. We are witnessing an increased interest in Asia for the way we in Denmark think and work with integrated energy design," says Marc Wilson, head of the project and partner in AG5. The high-rise building which AG5 and PDW have designed is called Gran Rubina Tower and is being built in the center of Indonesia's capital, Jakarta. The tower is the first phase of a planned 180,000 m2 office complex, which will be completed in 2018. The award winning tower has 23 floors and will use minimum 30 per cent less energy than conventional towers in the region.
Competence Centre for Inter-cultural Psychiatry
1st May, 2014
AG5 has delivered a new building for Psychiatric Centre Ballerup which will be used for Competence Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry (ambulant treatment). A simple construction technique of slab, block walls and exposed timber trusses has been employed. Skylights have been used extensively to bring daylight to the building's hallways and conference rooms. The building will be used by 35 employees and a number of day-patients every day. AG5 have programmed and designed the building in close cooperation with the client, center management, personnel, operations department, other consultants and contractors.
Makassar School
11th April, 2014
AG5 together with their partners PDW have been engaged by the private school corporation Madania to design a new school in Makassar, on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. The Madania school programme was established in 2005 in response to focus on education and welfare. The curriculum is Islamic and focuses on a holistic, inclusive and sustainable teaching environment. The project includes 12 kindergarten classes, 24 school classes, gymnasium and swimming pool.   The building design takes social sustainability as its departure point. Passive cooling and self-shading principles determine the form, building heights and courtyard sizes. Natural day-lighting and ventilation also minimise energy usage and traditional building techniques are employed in a modern version to make construction by local tradesmen possible and allow for naturally ventilated classrooms without resorting to air-conditioning.
Caviar House & Prunier, Copenhagen Airport
1st April, 2014
Caviar House & Prunier celebrated their re-opening at Copenhagen airport with a new concept to support their existing Seafood Bar. AG5 has developed two new units: a Sushi bar and a (Caviar) Sandwich bar in elegant walnut veneer, corian surfaces and backlit images to highlight the extremely high quality of these products. Caviar House occupies a prime position at the airport and this design will serve as a prototype for future developments.
Hummeltoftevej 49-51, Sorgenfri
12th March, 2014
AG5, in cooperation with DATEA and MOE, have completed a design catalogue and construction documentation of different options for a comprehensive renovation and energy retrofit of a commercial building: Hummeltoftevej 49-51. The 8,700 m2 building was originally designed for use by a single company but is now being converted into multiple leases and adapted to their different functional and user needs. A completely new glass entrance formed as a crystal contains a shared reception and meeting facilities. Facades and windows are being replaced with new low energy panes and with sound reduction. The roof will be highly insulated and new light fixtures, heating and cooling installations will also contribute to a considerable reduction of energy use. Canteen and meeting facilities will be upgraded and new fitness rooms with facilities established.
New School - Kildevældsskolen
27th January, 2014
Ground breaking for an addition to Kildevælds school in Copenhagen has recently taken place.  The project includes two kindergarten classrooms for special needs pupils, an activity room and supporting facilities.  AG5 is main consultant and has designed the building to be raised over the existing school courtyard, providing a visual connection with the rest of the school and its activities, whilst at the same time providing necessary solitude for optimal learning conditions. AG5 and engineers, Jens-Peter Madsen Consulting, have designed an intricate steel structure forming the framework of the iconic building. Ason has won the contract and completion is scheduled for late May 2014.    
14th January, 2014
In conjunction with large renovation of the Taste unit at Arlanda, AG5 has designed Sweden’s first flagship bar and lounge for Carlsberg. The design takes elements of Carlsberg’s brand and interprets them in as unique 3D forms using concealed lighting to create effect and atmosphere. In 2014 AG5 will also design two new units at Arlanda plus a new Nordic restaurant at Helsinki’s airport.